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Autographs & Signatures
by Bill Miller

There are many enterprising athlete autograph collectors who send cards to Olympians and others with a request for an autograph. Usually these are a pre-typed 3'x 5" card with the athletes name, year and event on it. The Olympic athlete signs the card and returns it to the collector. Many of the Olympic signatures below are examples of these.


Gilmore Garrett                                                          John B. Kelly, Jr.

Dan Ayrault                                                                  Conn Findlay

Kurt Seiffert                                                                Leon Butler

Burton Jastram

Larry Hough                                                                             Tony Johnson

Paul Costello                                                                             Charles McIlvane

Here are some of the great scullers:

Ned Hanlan                                                                                   John B. Kelly, Sr.

James TenEyck

Australian Olympic Champion - Bob Pearce

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