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Magazine Images
Bill Miller

Rowing images were used on magazine covers. Most of the time these were colorful illustrations capturing the excitement or beauty of rowing. Colliers, Saturday Evening Post and the New Yorker used rowing as the cover subject more than once. Also, inside the magazines there were images, and many times multiple images, showing a rowing event such as Henley Royal Regatta. In some magazines such as Outing, there were little illustrated vignettes that introduced a rowing article.


1890       1928

1896          1905

1902    1907

1932      1936

1938         1909

1903  1916


1941    1948

1935       1961

1898    1900


1910     1922

1921    1923

1962     1965

1935          1937


Leyendecker was a well known and now highly collected illustrator. The images below are from inside Colliers 1905 and 1907 issues.



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