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Bill Miller

There are various categories of photographs such as albumen cards, cabinet cards, stereo views, press photos to name a few. (Note - If you're searching for for vintage photographs, beware that there are many reprinted photos on the market especially on auction sites such as Ebay. They are usually noted in the description. Read carefully.)

CDV (carte-de-visite) cards are small (2.5"x 4") photos printed on card stock usually by a photo shop. They were sold at regattas and public events. Cabinet cards are similar except they were a larger format (4"x 6.5"). Most images were studio shots with some sort of fake background scene.

rowing pose in studio - cdv

Ned Hanlan - cdv

cabinet cards

Cambridge University Crew 1882                     London Rowing Club 1876

Stereo views are twin images with a slightly different image angle and when viewed through a stereo scope would present a life like image.

Four-oared crew

Ward Brothers - 1868

George Faulkner's Four - 1868

Union Springs, NY - c.1870

Henley Royal Regatta 1896

Henley Royal Regatta Visitor's Challenge Cup

Henley Royal Regatta trophies

London Rowing Club c.1860s

Press photos were taken at a regatta or event to be cropped and reprinted in magazines or newspapers. Some were posed team photos. An average size of these prints is 8"x 10".

Poukeepsie IRA - 1929


Washington defeats California - 1930

Dad Vail - 1936

Washington-Penn-UCLA, Long Beach - 1935

Syracuse - 1938

Rusty Callow at Penn


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