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Post Cards
Bill Miller

Post cards are a great collectable. They're usually good quality images of various rowing scenes. They're plentiful and reasonably priced and they're easy to display and store. Because there are hundreds of cards and images, you could specialize in a sub-category such as college crews or boathouses or racing scenes or European clubs, etc. You could specialize in just Oxford and Cambridge images or just collect any images that appeal to you. Here are some examples:

Syracuse University

Syracuse University Women                                               SU Boat-house     

       Smith College                                                     University of Washington

Naval Academy - Midshipmen                                           Lake Geneva, WI

Princeton University

Wisconsin Boat-house                                                  Cornell Boat-house

Yale Boathouses

Harvard - Newell & Weld Boathouses

Harvard vs Cambridge 1906

Red Top

Cornell vs Harvard                                                           Cornell winning IRA

IRA 1906                                                                                          IRA 1910

New Rochelle, NY                                                                   Philadelphia, PA

Schuylkill Regatta                                                               Cooper River, NJ

 Belle Isle, Detroit                                                                    Peoria, IL 1912

Detroit Boat Club                                                           Duluth Boat Club

YMCA/Pensacola Boat Club                              Lake Worth - Intercollegiate Regatta

YMGC  Boat Club, New Orleans                       Chautauqua Lake - Jamestown, NY

Edward Hanlan Memorial Exhibition Park, Toronto                       Crew At Practice, Toronto                              

London, Ontario                                                        St. Catharines, Ontario

NW Arm Rowing Club, Halifax, NS                                     Canadian Henley, 1906

Thames River, Windsor                                                River Ouse, Bedford

Henley Royal Regatta - c. 1905                                                          1938              

HRR Regatta Course

Kings Barge                                                                    Temple Island

Oxford 1908                                                                           1911

Cambridge 1926                                                                          1922


Auckland, NZ                                                                   Tasmania 1906

Sydney Harbor                                                                  Amsterdam 1902

Prague - 1906                                                                         Latvia

Kaiser Wilhelm                                                                      Hamburg

Grunau 1912                                                                         Hamburg 1911

Switzerland                                           France 1905


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