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Bill Miller

Premiums are items given with a product. Many were cards given with a pack of cigarettes or box of tobacco. Murad produced a series of sports images on silk and felt pieces.

The first sports cards were the Allen & Ginter 1887 series N28 with 50 sports champions. Baseball was growing rapidly at this time while the rowing professionals were losing their popularity. Still, of the 50 World Champions, Oarsmen numbered ten, Baseball - ten, and also, Pugilists - ten. Wrestlers - 7, Billiards Players - 7, Rifle Shooters - 4, and Pool Players -2 round out the set. Perhaps this gives us a little insight into the popularity of the various sports in the public eye at that time.

Below are some examples

Allen & Ginter Cigarettes World's Champions sports cards - Series - N28, 1887 of 50 famous sports figures with ten champion oarsmen: Wm. Beach, John Teemer, E.A. Trickett, Ed. Hanlan, Wallace Ross, Jacob Gaudaur, Geo. H. Hosmer, Albert Hamm, John McKay, Geo. Bubear. These cards have a wide range of market value mostly due to their condition. Clean image, square corners, and unmarked nor torn back makes a valuable card.


Series N29, 1888

Goodwin "Old Judge" Cigarette sports cards - Series N162, 1888 four oarsmen (Beach, Jake Gaudaur, Hanlan, and Teemer)


W.S. Kimball & Co. Cigarettes - SeriesN184, 1887 two oarsmen (Wm. Beach and Edward Hanlan)


Murad Tobacco silks - Series - S21, 1909-1910 A set of printed silks of ten sports from 25 colleges.


Murad Tobacco felts - A set of printed felts. As with the silks, the felts have a basic image  individualized for each college.

Cornell                       Pennsylvania

St. Louis                         Navy

Murad College Series cards -


Ogden's Gold Cigarettes (British) - New Series, 1902, #1-400 Some of these pictured the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race preparations and others had photos of famous scullers and crews.


#303, 304, 313, & 315

There were many different German companies that produced Olympic card series (Seifen-Glyzerin, Aurelia Zigarettenfabrik, etc). Reemtsma Zigaretten printed a 1932 and 1936 Olympia series of images on thinner paper rather than the customary card stock. An album (book) was printed where the images could be pasted in amongst the extensive text. Some images were b&w while others were color. There are six rowing images in the 1932 album.

Reemtsma Zigaretten (Germany) - 1936, Olympia #1-375

#104                                                                         #105
#106                                                                                     #113
#109                                                                   #112



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