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Past Rowing History Forums (w/photos)

Christopher Dodd's new book - Pieces of Eight, the story of how Bob Janousek restored British rowing to the Olympic medal podium in 1976, is published today by the River&Rowing Museum.

Chris Dodd's Pieces of Eight is a ripping yarn that records the feat of a Czech coach who arrived in Britain with no English in hand-picking a squad to set his adopted country on course for the Redgrave era on the rowing gold standard. Janousek's revolution changed the social map of British rowing and set it on a long climb to top nation as the London 2012 Olympic regatta approaches.
For f
urther details, see

New issue - Ever True: The History of Brown Crew - Christian Albert sent us an email with information about purchasing the revised printing of the book about the history of Brown Crew. I have my copy and it looks great. To order contact the Brown Bookstore -
or in the UK at Richard Way Booksellers - email
Ever True: The History of Brown Crew thumbnail

New book from Australia - Stephen Gard has a book in print about Michael Rush: champion Austaralian sculler. Go to for details. There's great information about Michael Rush on Wikipedia (Jan/12)

Very sad news - Mrs. Gill Perry has reported the very sad news that W. Hart Perry has passed (Feb. 3). It will take many hours to list his rowing accomplishments/contributions. A few of them are: NRF Executive Director, Past President of the NAAO, Coach-Kent School, HRR Steward, co-founder Friends of Rowing History and founder of National Rowing Hall of Fame at Mystic Seaport. Beside being extremely dedicated to his family, he played a direct roll in making sure that the National Rowing Foundation supported the many, many U.S. team athletes at international competition. Rowing, in North America and internationally, will miss him. (Feb/11)

Doggett's Coat & Badge - The James Pocock Family has donated Richard Pocock's 1910 Doggett's coat and cap to the rowing history exhibit in Blunt White Building at Mystic Seaport Museum. The Worshipful Company of Watermen and Lightermen of London, England have loaned the 1899 Badge. The coat and cap have been restored, mounted on a display form and enclosed in a case. It can be viewed in the lobby of the Blunt White Building. Very special Thank You to the Pococks and the "Company" for sharing these precious historical items with the Museum's visitors. (Nov/09)

See more about the NRF's National Rowing Hall of Fame and the Rowing History Exhibit at Mystic Seaport Museum:
Mystic Seaport Magazine, July 2009
    NRF photos of the exhibit opening at
    U.S. Rowing video tour at
    Crossroads Magazine TV segment on You Tube at

Washington-Lee High School Crew History - We hear from George Kirschbaum with the link to the W-L crew history web page.

The Dolly Varden Legacy - Michael Grace. This book is comprehensive history of the Wellington Rowing Club (NZ) written for the Club's 125th anniversary in 2010. For more information go to Wellington Rowing Club (June/10)

An Obsession With Rings - Joanne Iverson's book is now available. "This is Joanne’s story of how three people, Joanne, Ted Nash and Ed Lickiss, communicating without the help of the Internet started new rowing programs, encouraged colleges to add women’s crew programs, provided a venue for those colleges with intramural women’s crews to start competing against one another, and proved to existing men’s clubs that they should welcome women to their ranks of competitors."
Go to (Feb/10)

The Mind's Eye - Jimmy Joy's new book is available. In "The Mind's Eye, he explores the relationship between the mental component of sport and the physical performance and skill of the athlete. With insights from years of competing as an athlete and coaching at every level from provincial to the Olympics, Jimmy asserts that coaches must take an active role in expanding the consciousness and mental awareness of the athlete."
For details, go to (Feb/10)

World Rowing in Japanese - Chris Dodd’s 1992 book, The Story of World Rowing, has been translated into Japanese by Akihiro Sakakibara, a surgeon from Nagoya, and published by Tohoku University Press. ISBN978-4-86163-121-4. (Nov/09)

Poughkeepsie IRA history - We heard from Bob Creedon about a great site containing wonderful information about the Poughkeepsie IRA Regatta. It was produced by Marist College and contains results, photos, bibliography and page by page images of regatta programs. Check it out at . (June/09)

Peter Klose from the River Rowing Association, Nyack New York sent a link about it's history. Go to
2007-Article-NyackRowing-Nyack Villager.PDF and for more information about River RA, go to (Feb/09)

We hear from Robin Poke about two books available from Walla Walla Press, Australia:
Sculling & Skulduggery, A History of Professional Sculling
- by Stuart Ripley PDF order form
Peter Antonie: Out of His Shell, A Biography... PDF order form (Dec/08)

Recent book - Invincible (the history of the Duluth Boat Club)
Mike Cochran's book about the Duluth Boat Club is well worth the purchase. It's chock full of rowing history and includes numerous good quality images. Sometimes club books get a bit bogged down with lists of races and crews, but Mike's book gives us a view/photos and well written text about rowing at the "Northwest" club especially from the 1880s through the 1920s when DBC was one of the dominant rowing clubs in the US. We don't often see/read/hear much about rowing in this section of the country. Mike Cochran's book fills much of that gap nicely. For more details, go to
(July '08)

Recent book -  Rowable Classics
Darryl Strickler has written and Wooden Boat Books published a book about rowing classic wooden single-sculls.
Go to for information.
(Nov '08)


Rowing History Forum - Sunday, March 9th 2008 @ The River Room, Seamen's Inne, Mystic Seaport
See photos and description

Kelly: A Father, a Son, an American Quest
Daniel J. Boyne, author of Essential Sculling and The Red Rose Crew: A True Story of Women, Winning, and the Water, has a new rowing book now out (March '08) Kelly: A Father, a Son, an American Quest about three-time Olympic gold medalist, John B. Kelly and his son's quest to win the Diamond Sculls at Henley Royal Regatta. It is published by Mystic Seaport, the Museum of America and the Sea. Read more about Boyne’s new book and order a copy at (from Göran Buckhorn - March 08)

Recent book - Magdalen College Boat Club, 1859-2008
Mark Blandford-Baker has sent a pdf link announcing the publication and ordering information for the Oxford University college boat club's history. Check it out at  (Sept/08)

The traditional Pocock cedar singles are in production again.
We hear from Jim Buckley in Port Townsend WA who purchased/saved all the original Pocock forms & patterns. His website includes a history of Pocock wooden racing singles. (June/07)
Visit his web site:

Peter Antonie, Out of His Shell by Robin Poke
A biography of Australian rowing’s unsung hero.

To order and pay by credit card via Walla Walla Press
Go to:





The boathouse of the Société Nautique de la Marne - We received this link describing the boathouse with a page of great "Pictures' of the old boathouse.
Take a look:

Charles L. Grimes, Yale '57 - At 6' 7" and 197 lbs, the heart of the engine room of Yale's 1956 Melbourne Olympics gold medal crew, died Feb. 5, 2007 of pancreatic cancer.  Four oarsmen and the coxswain remain from that eight. (Feb/07)

Ernestine Bayer's Memorial Service - October 15, Exeter, NH
A large group of friends on shore and rowers & scullers brought shells to Exeter NH for Ernestine Bayer's last row. Eights from Exeter Academy and University of New Hampshire boated for an on-the-water remembrance of Ernestine. The Sunday morning was sparkling clear and dead flat for the occasion. A women's eight comprised of many of the 1984 Olympic crew reenacted their 1984 row with Ernestine in the #2 seat where Ernestine often commented that "it was the thrill of my life to feel the power of that boat". On October 15, 2006 @ 9:00 AM, the #2 seat was reserved for Ernestine once again. (Oct/06)


Ernestine Bayer: 1909-2006Women of the Century (Oct/06)
Row2k -
Ernestine Bayer, 97, Mother of Women's Rowing in United States dies in New Hampshire, 9/10/06
See Photo Essay of Ernestine, Ernie & Tina Bayer


Ernestine Bayer, Mother of Women's Rowing
This is a wonderful soft cover biography by Lew Cuyler.
Books can be ordered from








Boathouse Row - Mike Sullivan sent us a link to an article by Thomas G. Beischer, "Control and Competition: The Architecture of Boathouse Row." (Aug/06)

2006 Rowing History Forum - see summary & pics (Feb/06)

We're all very saddened to report the passing of John P. Cooke. John was a very special and enthusiastic friend of rowing. Please read about his contributions to life: (Jan/06)


The Henley Regatta Through The Generations


This is a very nice DVD about HRR. It is 68 minutes on the history, people and personality of the famous regatta. You can order one through Richard Way's Books, Henley UK , (Jan/06)




The St. Catharines Rowing Club
100 Years In A Row - A Pictorial History
Edited by Stan Lapinski

This is a great soft cover record of the Club viewed through many historic photos and chock full of images of memorabilia. Go to to find out about ordering a copy
or email



Request for S.F. Gordon information:

I am doing research on the Olympic Rowing event in Stockholm 1912. On the back of an old file photo from 1912 it states that the sculler in the picture, Samuel F. Gordon of Vesper B.C., is training for the Olympic rowing in Stockholm. (In 1910, Gordon became the N.A.A.O. champion in the single.)  However, the U.S. never sent any oarsmen to Stockholm. Is there anyone that knows more about Gordon and why the U.S. never sent any boats to Stockholm? I am grateful for any information. Thanks.
Göran R Buckhorn, Mystic, CT (Jan/06)

Harlem River Photos/Images

James Sciales has submitted the URL for the Empire State Rowing Association. Go to right side of the page to view the photo essay about rowing on the Harlem River
(click on right function box to "View Full-Size Photos"


Beauty and the Boats, Art & artistry in early British rowing
Illustrated from the Thomas E. Weil Collection

This is a catalogue of the special exhibit earlier this year at the River & Rowing Museum, Henley of some of the items in the personal collection of Thomas E. Weil, Jr. However, it is much more than a catalogue. Tom has done a magnificent job annotating the superb images reproduced in the catalogue. I'm not sure which I'm more impressed with: the outstanding collection of very rare rowing images and memorabilia or the wealth of information that he included on its pages.
This is a must for any rowing history buff.
Copies can be ordered through the Mystic Seaport Bookstore at or call 800-331-2665    (Oct/05)


ALL TOGETHER, The Formidable Journey to the Gold with the 1964 Olympic Crew
William A. Stowe

Bill Stowe does a wonderful job describing the events, circumstances and personalities surrounding the preparation and capture of the Olympic Gold Medal in 1964. A copy can be purchased directly from William Stowe by sending a check payable to him at 46 River Road, Lake Placid NY 12946 for $16.95 (shipping included)   (Oct/05)



Rosa Diaz Sandoval sent a link for the web page of the Lakeside Rowing Club, first rowing club in Mexico. Go to (Sept/05)

Jonathan Cantwell reports from Australia about his oar blade decorating business and his site with a section on the history of Trophy Oars. Also, if you have any bits of historical information/images about oar blade inscription I'm sure he'd like to hear about it. (May/05)

We hear from Rolan Gerbach in Germany with a web page ( in German) listing the multiple Olympic rowing medalists with some photos.
Go to
The site has all Olympic sports also. (April/05)

Wisconsin Where They Row, A History of Varsity Rowing at the University of Wisconsin

Bradley F. Taylor (Mar/05)

Brad Taylor has been researching the history of University of Wisconsin Crew details for many years and it's now in print. Go to to order. (March/05)




The Slim Book On Rowing
by Barrie Robinson
Slim Book of Rowing

A 75 page book for beginners and a good refresher for old hands. It includes coaching and describes some excellent exercises. (Feb/05)
Go to for more information

Also, see the site about Northwest Rowing at

Evolution of the Rowing Stroke
Peter Mallory is writing about rowing technique. (Jan/05)
Go to


For those of you who are fluent in français, you can view rowing history at
and if not, browse and see the great images. (Dec/04)

Rowing Retrospections
by Edward Monahan

More information and to order:
Mystic Seaport Museum-Books (Nov/04)




 North East Rowing On-line
There's very good information about North East Rowing (England) at

Andrew Guerin and Margot Foster have developed a great site,
The History of Australian Rowing.

Go to


Jim Buckley sent in the links to the WOODEN BOAT FOUNDATION site:
Where they built the Salish Star, a reproduction of the American Star
See info about the c1890 Perrott's Boat Club, one of the early clubs to admit women
Where they saved many of the Pocock 1x production jigs and molds, see photos


 Here's a great new site dedicated to rowing history by the RRM.
rowhistory.netYou must register to get in, but it will become a wealth of information, communication/dialogue between rowing history buffs.
(click on the the logo above)


What it takes  to earn your place
150th Oxford & Cambridge Boat Race Book
by Julian Andrews (May/04)

More information and to order:

The Oxford & Cambridge Boat Race from 1829
by Christopher Dodd & John Marks (March/04)

More information and to order:

James Renforth of Gateshead, Champion Sculler of the World
Another great book by Ian Whitehead

Email to Tyne Bridge Publishing to order
or go to






  2004 Rowing History Forum - see summary

 T.C. Mendenhall Rowing Prints Donated

 Rowing: A way of life - The Claspers of Tyneside
by David Clasper (Dec/03)
for the pop-up advert

to order contact


2003 Rowing History Forum pics

The Sporting Tyne, A History of Professional Rowing
by Ian Whitehead  (Dec/02)

email to Gateshead Library




Bayer Family Collection Donated

Harry and John H. Clasper Memorabilia Donated

Professional Sculler - Fred Plaisted's Scrapbook

A Rowing Bibliography (searchable database)
from Florian Caspari, Germany

University of Washington Crew History
from Eric Cohen

Washington - Lee Crew History Page
from George Kirschbaum

Mystic Seaport Rowing History Exhibit

National Rowing Foundation website

James Renforth's Sculls Uncovered





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