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Feature Essays

This page contains a selection of feature articles written by rowing history contributors. Do you have a special interest/expertise? Please submit an article.

  A Preliminary Survey of Boat Clubs and Associations Formed and Recorded Rowing Races and Regattas Held in the United States and Canada (except for Quidi Vidi) Through 1860 - Thomas E. Weil

  List of U.S. Collegiate Crew Trophies - Thomas E. Weil

  List of U.S. Patents for Rowing & Training Equipment - Bill Miller
A listing of about 110 patents from mid 19th C. to mid 20th C.

  List of Rowers Who Became Famous - Bill Miller

  The Great International Boat Race - Bill Miller
                The 1869 Harvard v. Oxford Race

  Cornell's Influence on Washington and West Coast Rowing - John W. Lundin & Stephen J. Lundin

  The Wild and Crazy Professionals - Bill Miller

  A Don's List - Notes on Brittain's OAR, SCULL & RUDDER - Thomas E. Weil

  Why Rowing Is Unique Among Team Sports - Thomas E. Weil

   The Dangerously Neglected Legacy of Rowing - Thomas E. Weil

  Photo Essay of the Bayer Family - Bill Miller

  The Harry & John H. Clasper Collection - Bill Miller

  Fred Plaisted's Scrapbook - Bill Miller

   James Renforth's Sculls - Bill Miller

  Development of Rowing Equipment - Bill Miller

   Glendon's 1920 Olympic Scrapbook - Susan Saint Sing

   Nordic Rowing Goes Hollywood - Göran R Buckhorn

  Rowing Women as Belles des Bateaux, or (To Say Nothing of the Cat) - Göran Buckhorn
A review of Three Men In A Boat and Three Women In One Boat

   Samuel F. Gordon and the 1912 Olympic Rowing - Göran R Buckhorn


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