Dr. Thomas C. Mendenhall Rowing Prints
December, 2003 - Bill Miller

Dr. Mendenhall was the leading rowing historian in America through the last half of the 20th Century. He authored numerous magazine articles and wrote/published three rowing books: Have Oar-Will Travel, A Short History Of American Rowing, and The Harvard And Yale Boat Race. His rowing background and life's interests can be viewed at the Mystic Seaport archives http://www.mysticseaport.org/library/manuscripts/coll/coll263/coll263.html#a23 . His archives were donated to Mystic Seaport along with about 175 rowing books. The books are stored at the Howard Blunt Library at Mystic Seaport.

Recently, Tom Mendenhall's collection of fine rowing prints were donated by the estate of Cornelia "Nellie" Mendenhall and by daughters, Bethany and Cornelia to the Friends of Rowing History/National Rowing Foundation/Mystic Seaport. To the Mendenhalls from all of us who will be able to see these beautiful images - Thank you for sharing this treasure with the rowing community.

1935 Henley Royal Regatta,  T.C. Mendenhall, #5 - Balliol College, Oxford

The following images are some of the 25+ images now being donated to the National Rowing Foundation and Mystic Seaport Museum. Special thanks to Julien Tavener at Haley & Steele of Boston for donating the services to restore these fine prints.

Eton, 4th of June, Procession Of Boats (1889)
(Yes, that is the Eton 10-oar)

The Exeter Boat, Oxford - Passing Entrance of the River Cherwell (1839)

Fore's Sporting Scraps - Boating (1851)

Match Between Eton and Westminster (1843)

Poughkeepsie Regatta - June 16, 1931

Harvard Yale Crew Race On Thames - June 19, 1931

Yale-Harvard 1902 - watercolor by V. Mays, 1992

c. 1865

(detail from print above)



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